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The Howard D. Krepack Fund

The Howard D. Krepack Fund will invest all donations to research for treatments and a cure for ALS, as well as to bicycle advocacy in Los Angeles.  (There are no administrative or personnel costs to manage the fund – it is all volunteer run for the love of Howard.)

Howard continues his battle with ALS, and wants to do whatever he can to find a cure for this devastating illness.  He also remains a bicycle enthusiast who supports the fun, sport, environmental friendliness and safety of bicycling.   

Howard is always surrounded by the love of his family and friends.  His days are brightened by this love and affection.  He also continues to be committed to raising awareness and funds for research to find effective treatments for ALS.  Please let us know if you have any questions about Howard or ALS TDI.  

The Howard D. Krepack Fund remains open, as we exceed our financial goal in order to reach our ultimate goal of finding treatments for ALS.  There is a fundraising walk in Los Angeles this fall that supporters of Howard will walk in.  There is also a bike ride solely dedicated to ALS fundraising in Napa on June 30th that many of us will ride.  And there is a yoga and spinning fundraiser in Howard’s honor that is in the planning stage.

12th Annual Los Angeles River Ride

The Howard D. Krepack Fund 6/10/2012 Donate
The love for Howard was palpable at the Los Angeles River Ride on Sunday, June 10th, when a couple thousand riders enjoyed various distance rides, and many came out to wear the yellow shirts honoring Howard's fight against ALS and his advocacy for bicycling in Los Angeles.

Howard received the first annual Service to Cycling Award from the Los Angeles County Bicycling Coalition. The award will be presented once a year and will officially be called the Howard Krepack Service to Cycling Award. Many of us earn awards, but few have an award named for them. This is a reflection of how loved and admired Howard is by his family, friends, bicycling and legal communities. Many have said how honored they are to be supporting Howard through their contributions to his nonprofit fund, and by sharing their time and affection.



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