David E Glover Memorial Fund

David E Glover Memorial Fund

“You’re going to be in a heap of trouble if your recovery from this surgery interferes with our anniversary plans in November.”  That was my primary concern as we flew from Japan back to the US for David’s surgery.  I’d been planning our 5th anniversary ever since I realized that it would fall on 11-11-11, even before the wedding.  Although David was pretty matter-of-fact about the surgery and the recuperation, I knew that any surgery could bring about complications or prolonged recovery, no matter how simple.  David had been having difficulty walking and was getting very fatigued after a short distance.  He’d had a bad lower back for some time now and it appeared that it was now time to have it operated on.

We met with the doctor on Thursday afternoon in Jacksonville.  He told us that after reviewing the MRI and hearing that David was not experiencing any pain in the leg, he suspected that it probably wasn’t the nerve impingement that we and the other doctors had presumed.  He said that it might be something neurological, like ALS.  I’d heard the term before, but was not immediately familiar with it.  I asked what that was, and the doctor said, “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”.  I still wasn’t sure about what it was, but I knew that this was very serious.  As I sorted through what was being said and the tears that were beginning to well up in my eyes, David had a much more immediate response.  His body went numb on him and the doctor had to ask him several times if he was with us.  Once he came around, we began to discuss our next steps.  The doctor was going to have him admitted to the hospital to be sure that his blackout was not anything serious, and to begin testing to confirm or reject his suspicions.  I was all for it, the sooner we could get an accurate diagnosis, the better.  David was far less agreeable.  He’d recently had multiple tests and knew that he was okay and did not need to waste a lot of money on a hospital stay.

After a two-day hospital stay and $5000 out-of-pocket expenses (hear David grumbling), we spent the next two weeks with additional appointments to zero in on what was going on with David.  Finally, on September 22, 2011, after a second, excruciatingly painful EMG, the neurosurgeon gave David a definite diagnosis of ALS after discovering muscle weakness in three areas.  My immediate reaction was anger.  David is just too good a person to be afflicted with such a devastating illness.  I told him that he didn’t deserve this, and then quickly added that no one deserves this.

So, next came the research.  Tell me everything.  After the first few days of researching this disease, I named it “The Disease of I Don’t Know”.  I don’t know what causes it, I don’t know how to diagnose it,  I don’t know how to cure it, I don’t know how long he’ll live, I don’t know which area of his body will be affected next – I DON’T KNOW!!!!!.  I do know that I cannot think of a worse diagnosis than this.  Gradually, and in no particular order, you lose your ability to walk, use your arms and hands, eat, talk and finally, breathe.  And you stay alert and sane the entire time!

As I’m sure you can imagine, we were really freaking out!  After a month of limited sleep and drastic weight loss, we began to settle into what seemed to be, “the beginning of our end”.  The anniversary celebration was really helpful in keeping my mind somewhat together.  I so looked forward to seeing our family and friends.  There was never a question in my mind about continuing with the celebration.  And it proved to be just the extra dose of loving that we needed – it was just too short!

The anniversary celebration was a good way to begin to let others know what we were facing.  It was so difficult to tell people about this diagnosis.  There isn’t much response that one can give you.  I felt as though I needed to make them feel okay about this terrible news, rather than them comforting me.  I felt badly about sharing such depressing news.  And yet, I knew that we needed everyone’s support to ‘walk through this struggle’. 

We’ve got to do our part to contribute to research for a cure for this awful disease.  I don’t want anyone that I know or do not know to ever have to be faced with this difficult journey.   I am asking everyone that we know and everyone that they know to help in some way.  We’ve setup this website to enable you to make donations to research for a cure.

David ended his struggle with ALS on Tuesday, July 31, 2012.  Don’t remember David as a victim of ALS.  Remember him as a kind, loving, generous, considerate man.  Remember his hearty laugh, his loping, bow-legged gait.  Remember how much he loved life and took advantage of all that it has to offer.  Remember his dedication to his family.  Remember his strong work ethic and dedication to his profession of electrical engineering.  Remember his fondness for scuba diving, snow skiing, jazz festivals and international travel.  Remember his skill on the basketball court in his youth.  And remember that like his namesake, King David, that he was a man after God’s own heart.


Funeral in Iwakuni, Japan - 8/9/12 8/9/2012 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Donate
Iwakuni MCAS
Base Chapel - Building 1100
Iwakuni, Japan, 99
In Remembrance and Thanks for the life of David E. Glover

Marine Memorial Chapel
Building 1100
MCAS Iwakuni
Misumi-cho, Iwakuni-shi
Yamaguchi-ken Japan 740-0025

Phone No. 011-81-827-79-3371
Memorial Service in Rockledge, FL - 9/1/12 9/1/2012 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Donate
Mt. Moriah AME Church
234 Stone St.
Cocoa, FL 32922
United States
Memorial at David's Home Church




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Jean Ingram
Sharon, while I never met David, I know he was a very special man. I heard and read the loving memories of those who knew him. More importantly, I see the glow in your eyes, and the love in your heart. Much love and God's continued blessings to you Sis. (Still think you should consider Gainesville!!)
Ricky A. Parks
I had the pleasure of working with David In Japan; however, we first met via email when I extended him a job offer and he was not satisfied with the employment package. In typical David fashion, he argued every dot, line, and tittle and finally agreed that I was not taking anything away from him and that it was truly a good and fair offer. When I met him in person he said, "This Double E ( Electrical Enginner) is at the top of his game." And, true to his word his was very at the top of game and remained so until his passing. After getting to know David I discovered a man very rich in heart and soul; genereous; warm; willing to accept the weakness and fraility of others with out finding fault; a magnetic smile; and a very healthy sense of humor. I also found a man deeply in love with his wife, deeply concerned about the well being of his children and other family members, and aman who always wanted the "right" thing done. After I left Japan and headed for Europe, David and I stayed in close contact by phone and email. When he told me of his ALS diagnosis I was in shock and almost cried while talking to him. I lost another friend to this disease about 18 months earlier and knew how horrible the end state could be. David assured me he'd be fine, but was deeply concerned for Sharron, he wanted to be sure that she'd be okay and that he would not be a burden to her. Over the many emails we shared from Dec to June he was upbeat, hopeful , never played the victim, and always thanked God for giving him such a wonderful family, children, wife, and friends. Knowing David was great and wonderful experience for me, I will remember and cherish the great timse we spent togeather, the laughter, and most of all the courage and dignity he maintained at the time when most of us would have fallen. Ricky P.
Lydia Rollins Mount
Dear Sharon, This is to let you know that my thoughts continue to be with you during this time of bereavement. My family and I were traveling at the time of David's Homegoing Service, but you were certainly on my mind. What a courageous battle David fought! How selfless of you to share the details with others to draw attention to this debilitating disease. Having seen first-hand the progressive nature of my Dad's illness and ultimate passing, my family and I can relate on so many levels. We trust that you will find some comfort and strength through the powerful memories that you and David shared, as well as a peace, that surpasses all understanding, as those that love you cover you in heartfelt prayers. With much affection, Lydia Rollins Mount On Behalf of the Rollins, Mount, and McGriff Familes
Richard Love
A friend, colleague, a brother, a husband, father, a well respected member of the community, R.I.P. the short time spent at P-1, NOB was just enough to want to know you more, but God had other plans. Peace&Blessings to the family.
Kevin and Lori Paule
David, I will miss your friendship, your easygoing manner, your warm smile and your hearty chuckle. You were always so much fun to be around and I really enjoyed our tiimes when we would catch up and chat about life. Enjoy hoops in Heaven and we will catch up again someday. TC&GB, Kevin
Wendy Sondag
To the family of David E. Glover, I did not know David or any of his family. I do know ALS. My mother passed away from this horrific disease in 1995. I have been donating to ALS every year with hopes of one day witnessing a cure. I will add an extra donation here for the ALS Therapy Development Institute in David's memory. Thank you for sharing your story. Wendy Sondag Viera FL
Rev. Haywood Davidson and Marilyn Davidson
Sharon, Haywood and I were members at Mt. Moriah A.M.E. Church in Cocoa, FL. We met David on our first day at Mt. Moriah in July 1998 and O what a joy that was and continued to be. We ofter referred to David as Mr. Mt. Moriah because he always made everyone feel so welcome. I sang with David in the mass choir and Haywood sang with him in the male chorus. We can truly say that David was a friend and a fellow christian brother. We loved David so much and always looked forward to him coming to visit at church. We were so upset that we did not get a chance to see him the last time he visited Mt. Moriah. We were so upset to hear that David had passed away. My husband spoke about David in his sermon at our church today. The subject was living a purposeful life. The points were: We must serve God; we must serve our generation; we must have ability; we must have experiences; and we must have opportunity. My husband stated that a friend of ours (David Glover) who recently passed away had all of these attributes even though he passed away at the young age of 54. The semon text was Acts 13:36 and is about King David from the old testament. We loved your David and we want you to know that we are praying for you, the children and your extended families. Find joy in knowing that David was a child of the heavenly King and because we are also God's children we will see him again and will be able to sing in the heavenly choir. God Bless You and God willing we will see you at David's memorial service on September 1st.
Ron and Janie MacBeth
David touched many lives with his sweet, caring spirit. Each life he touched has certainly been made better for having known him. We met him briefly and came to know him through his sister, Janie. He was a great man, indeed. Rejoicing in his homegoing and praying for God's comfort and peace to sustain you, Sharon, and all of his family and friends. Ron and Janie MacBeth
Reggie Prime
Sharon, Thanks for sharing the intimate details of this series of horrible events. I can't imagine what you've been through and are going through, but as you lean unto the LORD's understanding, and not your own during this trying time, know that GOD is with you and so are we. David was one hell of a guy, as you describe; generous, funny, smart and a great father and friend. I have so many fond memories from the last 30+ years of knowing him. I truly smile as I reflect. Love to all and my sincerest condolences to you and David's family. Love, Reggie
Joseph & Melinda
Thank you Sharon for sharing personal details of our uncle David. We all miss and think about him so much that's it's still kind of numb. Even though we didnt make it to the anniversary, I am glad that we had a chance to witness your beautiful wedding. I have been reading up on this since the passing and thank you for the info also. Be blessed and keep smiling "SMILEY". Love, Joseph & Melinda
Sharon Glover
Thank you for visiting our website and contributing to research to a cure for ALS!
Sharon Bruton Glover
It does my heart good to see the beautiful way in which everyone has expressed their love for David and support for me during this difficult period. I miss David terribly, yet I rejoice in knowing that he is at peace with our Father in heaven. I look forward to seeing you if you are able to attend the memorial. I thank you for your donations to research for a cure. We can win this battle!